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Closed & Scam HYIPs - Don't invest there!
Protecting yourself from a scam when you venture into the field of investing can be difficult. However, HYIPexplorer has a helpful blacklist full of closed and scam-certified HYIPs to avoid. While not all HYIPs are fraudulent or a scam, there are some out there that give these programs a bad reputation.

If you don't want to lose out on a lot of money, you need to be smart about when, where, and how you invest in certain HYIPs. The most telltale sign of a fraudulent HYIP is an excessively high ROI promise. Anything that exceeds 1-3% daily should be considered too good to be true. In actuality, 1% ROI daily is what you should shoot for.

Other signs of fraudulent practices are fictitious financial instruments, secrecy and vague websites, claims that investing is an "exclusive opportunity," and a complex navigational system. A company that isn't transparent in their business practices is not a company a person should trust with their money. The easiest way to spot a scam company is to visit their website. If they don't have one, or it looks poorly done or fake, then it's likely not worth your time.
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