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This area will allow you to check some of the top crypto-related HYIPs out there right now. You get to choose based on the preferred cryptocurrencies of your choice. Cryptocurrency HYIPs differ in things like how fast the payouts are, minimum withdrawal requirements, and more.

To be successful in Bitcoin and other crypto HYIP investing, it's important to only stick to trusted HYIP projects. Taking risks on lesser-known projects opens you up to being scammed or losing money. Less risky to go in with low expectations. If you think you'll double your investment in less than a month, then it's necessary to remind yourself that you can lose it quicker than that.

# Program Latest Payout Cryptocurrencies Rank
Verity Invest Limited
Nov 25, 2022
140% after1 day, 420% after 5 days, 1050% after10 days, 2000% after 15 days
Bit Hit
Nov 25, 2022
110% after 1 day, 155% after 5 days
SigmaFund Cloud LTD
Nov 21, 2022
0.09% hourly for 2400 hours, 0.2% hourly for 960 hours,0.65% h
Nov 25, 2022
100.3% - 200% after 3 hours; 2500% after 15 days
Hourly Coins
Nov 26, 2022
0.03%-20% hourly for 10000 - 10 hours
Royal Casino Funds Ltd
Nov 20, 2022
up to 20% daily for 10-100 days, 150%-2000% after 1-120 days
Buller Group LTD
Nov 26, 2022
3% daily for 25 days 250% after 7 days 350% after 5 days
Con Technology
Nov 26, 2022
4.21% hourly 24 hours, 2.1%-41% daily for 10 -30 days
Crypto Billionaire Limited
Nov 21, 2022
4% weekly for 120 weeks
Nov 26, 2022
130% after 1 day 200% after 3 days 350% after 5 day
Metaverse Profit Limited
Nov 21, 2022
5% weekly for 50 weeks
Web3 Profit Limited
Nov 21, 2022
4% weekly for 100 weeks
Nov 18, 2022
0.24% - 0.50% daily for 30 - 360 days
Igvex Ltd.
Nov 19, 2022
1% weekly for 365 days
CryptoPush Inc
Nov 12, 2022
5% weekly for 90 weeks
Crypto Monetize
Nov 12, 2022
4% weekly for 70 weeks

What is a cryptocurrency HYIP?

A cryptocurrency HYIP, or a high-yield investment program, is a risky investment scheme that accepts assets based on blockchain technology. It is an attractive investment opportunity that can bring high-percentage profits.

Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology, and interest in it has grown along with the popularity in cryptocurrencies. It's important to note that Bitcoin and other famous cryptocurrencies have yet to prove their effectiveness to the general public. In addition, digital assets still do not have legal status in many countries.

As such, you need to find reliable information sources about each program and tools to monitor cryptocurrency investments before you invest your crypto funds in high-yield programs. HYIPexplorer is a tool that provides around-the-clock analysis and assistance in crypto investments. It's a powerful tool for those who want to start investing in cryptocurrencies or who do not quite understand how these financial mechanisms work.

The best crypto high-yield investment programs

HYIPexplorer tracks the most popular HYIPs based on cryptocurrency, including deposits and withdrawals from these HYIP sites. This information contains base data for HYIP analysis and is presented in a convenient layout.

HYIP Types

There are several HYIP types, each with its advantages and disadvantages. There are high-interest, medium-interest, and low-interest investment programs. High-interest platforms or programs with hourly payouts plans are often financial pyramid schemes that collapse very quickly.

High-interest HYIPs

High-interest investment projects come with maximum risk, promising a very high return. The extremely high return usually significantly reduces the HYIP's work period to a week or just a few hours, so it is vital to carefully analyze the program and your investment volume to avoid losses.

Medium-interest HYIPs

Medium-interest HYIPs do not return very high interest rate over a short time, so these HYIPs may continue working for a longer period of time.

Low-interest HYIPs

Low-interest programs are long-term projects with a lower degree of risk, aimed at bringing smooth evolution, and may generate small amounts of income over an extended period.

Cryptocurrencies Advantages

Digital coins implement a new mechanism that's designed to solve the shortcomings of other payment systems.. For example, cryptocurrencies can increase transaction speed, minimize costs, improve security, and allow for micropayments to be sent to any part of the world with minimal commissions. Cryptocurrency source codes are publicly available, which means that any developer can use them to create better systems to improve financial models.

  • Cryptocurrencies allow users to make fast and secure transactions;
  • Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and have no specific governing body, making coin holders their sole owners;
  • Cryptocurrencies are protected, as blockchain registry cannot be changed or counterfeited;

Many people mistakenly think that cryptocurrencies are too complicated a subject to learn and use. Anyone can start using cryptocurrencies, even without technical skills and without fully understanding the system nuances. To get started, you only need a cryptocurrency wallet, some coins, and online access.

What is Tether?

Tether is a cryptocurrency tied to traditional fiat currencies and backed at a 1:1 ratio by those traditional currencies' reserves in accounts (denoted by the symbol USDT).

Tether's mission is to provide ease of transfer, record keeping, and other blockchain-based digital currency benefits to traditional fiat currencies. It allows digital currencies to be converted into their fiat value, transferring these fiat-linked tokens as directly as other digital currencies and valuing services or products in traditional currencies while avoiding converting digital currencies overhead into fiat currencies.

Crypto HYIP research

The following are general criteria by which you can determine a favorable investment environment before you start investing in a program. Things to look at include website quality, return on investment, transparency, investor feedback, technical support, and withdrawal funds speed.

Website analysis

  • Thoughtful and unique project visual elements: website, presentations, marketing materials;
  • Availability of an SSL certificate;
  • Hosting and DDOS protection;
  • Whois data;

HYIP monitoring

Check monitoring websites that have actual HYIP program statuses. HYIPexplorer provides technical data and shows each project's current paying status and payments regularity.

Reviews and feedback

There is great importance in choosing investments, so before making your first deposit to participate in a program, you should read reviews about the project.

Stay up to date

HYIPs are a dynamic investment field, so it is always important to keep up with the latest news and updates so as not to lose your investment.


Where do you find crypto investment sites?

Following reliable, transparent HYIP monitoring websites is the best way to get help finding the best investing opportunities. HYIPexplorer is this type of service.

How secure are crypto investments?

Despite the growing number of HYIPs based on the blockchain, this technology, like many other digital tools, carries many risks and requires increased attention and accuracy.

HYIP Cryptoforsage Payout Cryptoforsage
Nov 26, 2022 (+$64.2)
HYIP Buller Group LTD Payout Buller Group LTD
Nov 26, 2022 (+$36.03)
HYIP Hourly Coins Payout Hourly Coins
Nov 26, 2022 (+$9.77)
HYIP BitcoBid Payout BitcoBid
Nov 26, 2022 (+$2.52)
HYIP Con Technology Payout Con Technology
Nov 26, 2022 (+$29.24)
HYIP ProviusFund Payout ProviusFund
Nov 21, 2022 (+$13.73)
HYIP Verity Invest Limited Payout Verity Invest Limited
Nov 25, 2022 (+$11.17)
HYIP Bit Hit Payout Bit Hit
Nov 25, 2022 (+$24)
HYIP Three-Hour Payout Three-Hour
Nov 25, 2022 (+$12.19)
HYIP Verity Invest Limited Review Verity Invest Limited
Nov 28, 2022
Your Bitcoin withdrawal request for 0.74837112 Transaction View 767d3b4c6df3ec4fc6e49c120553a276e7dabedd70707c0369e8c9f091c306c2 has been sent to your payment processor! *Thanks Verity Invest Limited*
HYIP Verity Invest Limited Review Verity Invest Limited
Nov 28, 2022
$Payment received$ c8dade1140a72eacb535c752cf23bd07a3bce439016792d3c0ea48b0a200f4f0 2020-28-11 11:18:13 3HgVsnRXgQnpeJJi45pCUbdVetHXw2V3Gq 0.25969203 BTC
HYIP Royal Casino Funds Ltd Review Royal Casino Funds Ltd
Nov 28, 2022
Instant Paying: The amount of 0.14 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U35149525->U4603107. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to hyiptank from RCFL.. Date: 14:04 28.11.22. Batch: 493766754. Thanks admin
HYIP Bit Hit Review Bit Hit
Nov 28, 2022
Received 0.06636197 BTC ($1,093.19) Transaction ID is 37bd2b9429b3476e00cf584cc238af7a5168b1208fe9f90dd2eeade58b6d04d1. Thank you.
HYIP Buller Group LTD Review Buller Group LTD
Nov 28, 2022
Received 0.00695942 BTC ($114.64) Transaction ID is a6934945d83e5d9ed0b80b1ae7e4544fe45a5c665d360543a7563621da0d8903. Thank you.
HYIP Bit Hit Review Bit Hit
Nov 28, 2022
$4,099.00 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TLd93j6pTQGJ1XFPQVdKhBA5fTEoyJFbV6. Transaction batch is bc2e050978b680d22b10999b7db4fd62c2c2571945a72c59994195ba24c2b3b5.
HYIP Buller Group LTD Review Buller Group LTD
Nov 28, 2022
$3,968.25 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account TQ9wUzQzaUbmFmyfXEyyyKJuPLMHXCzkYf. Transaction batch is a57e6cd0565ab94b5f4f074f779bb4e821dd919edfd0cd2755ed84b08a48275b.
Nov 22, 2022
New HYIP Cryptoforsage Cryptoforsage
problem 10%-14% daily for 100 days
Nov 17, 2022
New HYIP Buller Group LTD Buller Group LTD
paying 3% daily for 25 days 250% after 7 days 350%
Nov 15, 2022
New HYIP Con Technology Con Technology
paying 4.21% hourly 24 hours, 2.1%-41% daily for 10 -30
Nov 7, 2022
New HYIP Three-Hour Three-Hour
paying 100.3% - 200% after 3 hours; 2500% after 15 days
Nov 4, 2022
New HYIP Royal Casino Funds Ltd Royal Casino Funds Ltd
paying up to 20% daily for 10-100 days, 150%-2000% after
Oct 31, 2022
not paid 2%-2.5% daily 2.5%-3% daily 3%-3.5% daily
Oct 30, 2022
New HYIP MetaHours MetaHours
not paid 10.10% - 19% hourly for 10 hours
November 21, 2022
The Black Friday is very close and the end of the promo as well.
November 20, 2022 Bit Hit
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