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The HYIPexplorer website sees traffic upwards of 35,000 unique visitors each month. This traffic most commonly comes from search engines and logo links from other investment websites. All traffic coming into HYIPexplorer is 100% genuine.

HYIPexplorer offers two different listing options for investment programs. The first of these two is a free listing on an unmonitored area. In order to get listed on the website, you need to place their counter somewhere on your own website to establish accountability. The second of these two options is a regular listing under Class B. Class B is the website's "under trial" setting. When a program is "under trial," it means HYIPexplorer is trying the investment program for the first time. In order to get a listing here, you pay however much you want them to invest in your program.

HYIPexplorer also gives you the option to place ads on their website. You can do this by buying a spot on the premium sticky list or by taking out a banner ad. There are a few other ad spaces available for purchase on different areas of the website. For the most up-to-date ad spots remaining, you can view a helpful chart on the page.

Our traffic comes to us from search engines and links from other investment websites, portals, and directories. We do not use any traffic exchange technologies (auto surf, auto hits) that traffic is pure and relevant in the HYIP arena.
HyipExplorer's rank on popular search engines:
Free Listing
List your program at on not monitored area.
You shall place our counter on pages of your site to get listed on

Main listing features:
  • News publishing.
  • Traffic counter and other additional features.
  • Fast and simple registration process.

Regular Listing
Monitoring Amount Listing Fee Class +AD Pack
$1000+ $199
  • [Premium Sticky] 125x125 (period: 4 weeks)*
  • [Top Banner I] 728x90 (period: 4 weeks)*
  • [Class Premium] 468x60 (period: 4 weeks)*
  • [Top Banner II] 1,200,000+ impressions**
$500+ $99
  • [Premium Sticky] 125x125 (period: 2 weeks)*
  • [Top Banner I] 728x90 (period: 2 weeks)*
  • ["A" Class] 468x60 (period: 2 weeks)*
  • [Top Banner II] 600,000+ impressions**
$300+ $75
  • [Top Banner I] 728x90 (period: 1 week)*
  • ["B" Class] 468x60 (period: 1 week)*
  • [Top Banner II] 375,000+ impressions**
  • [Side Banner] 125x125 (period: 2 weeks)**
$200+ $49
  • [Top Banner II] 249,000+ impressions**
  • [Side Banner] 728x90 (period: 1 week)**
$100+ $25
  • [Side Banner] 125x125 (period: 1 week)**
* The project must have paying status at for 15+ days.
** Instant activation.
The project must be high quality and have a reliable script, SSL, unique design, and content. The low quality projects may decline, and the monitoring amount will refund, except for a payment processor fee. If you doubt about project qualifies for our terms, contact us before ordering.
We accept:

Premium Sticky
Sticky 125 x 125
- Your 125x125 banner is shown at the top of the page.
- The banner are displayed on ALL pages of our portal.
- Your program is shown ABOVE all other programs in PREMIUM area!

The banners can be an effective form of advertising when seen by a targeted audience.
125 x 125
Side Banner
125 x 125 static
Available: 5 slots
160 x 600
Side Skyscraper
160 x 600 rotating
Available: 2 slots
1200 x 150
Top Cover
1200 x 150 rotating
Available: 5 slots
728 x 90
Top Banner-I
728 x 90 rotating
Available: 4 slots
Top Banner-II
728 x 90 rotating
Available: 8 slots
Footer Banner
728 x 90 rotating
Available: 5 slots
468 x 60
Class Premium
468 x 60 rotating
Available: 5 slots
Class A
468 x 60 rotating
Available: 2 slots
Class B
468 x 60 rotating
Available: 2 slots
Allowed: gif, jpg, swf, png, bmp, mp4, webp
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