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Your site here for $351
Hits: 21143 Hosts: 3306
2. Gre Bank
Hits: 4313 Hosts: 2954
3. Coinex Trading Platform
Hits: 1549 Hosts: 463
4. Crypto Junction Limited
Hits: 244 Hosts: 133
5. Instant Trade Ltd
Hits: 608 Hosts: 262
6. Crypto Whales Limited
Hits: 96 Hosts: 74
7. City Build Ttrade
Hits: 48 Hosts: 45
8. Head Crypto Trade
Hits: 345 Hosts: 101
9. Big Trade Ltd
Hits: 98 Hosts: 71
Oct 26, 2021 (+$60)
HYIP Gre Bank Payout Gre Bank
Oct 26, 2021 (+$2.95)
HYIP Zion Finance Payout Zion Finance
Oct 26, 2021 (+$3.5)
HYIP Minotaur Markets Ltd Payout Minotaur Markets Ltd
Oct 27, 2021 (+$3.59)
HYIP WebMiSi Payout WebMiSi
Oct 27, 2021 (+$11.69)
HYIP Meatex Payout Meatex
Oct 27, 2021 (+$7)
HYIP BitcoBid Payout BitcoBid
Oct 27, 2021 (+$4.2)
HYIP CryptoStable Payout CryptoStable
Oct 27, 2021 (+$7.5)
HYIP Payout
Oct 27, 2021 (+$6.45)
HYIP Gweitor Payout Gweitor
Oct 27, 2021 (+$6.48)
HYIP Tecdub Payout Tecdub
Oct 27, 2021 (+$6.24)
HYIP Forex United Payout Forex United
Oct 26, 2021 (+$60.23)
Oct 25, 2021
New HYIP Gweitor Gweitor
status: paying
payouts: 5% hourly, 15% hourly for 10 hours, 180% after 1
New HYIP Double Dollar Ltd Double Dollar Ltd
status: waiting
payouts: 0.3% to 1.0 % daily until you reach 200% profit
Oct 21, 2021
New HYIP WebMiSi WebMiSi
status: paying
payouts: 10-13% weekly, 1.3-1.8-3.9% daily, 134% for 20days
New HYIP CryptoStable CryptoStable
status: paying
payouts: up to 3500% profit
Oct 19, 2021
New HYIP Varival Varival
status: problem
payouts: 20% hourly forever, 50% hourly for 10 hours, 1500%
Oct 18, 2021
New HYIP Minotaur Markets Ltd Minotaur Markets Ltd
status: paying
payouts: 1% daily for 15 days; 1.2% daily for 20 days;
Oct 17, 2021
New HYIP Rsgroup Rsgroup
status: paying
payouts: 2.6% daily for 15 days 2.8% daily for 21 days
New HYIP Profit Invest Limited Profit Invest Limited
status: paying
payouts: 0,7% daily 1% daily 1,3% daily 30 days for all
Oct 15, 2021
New HYIP Gre Bank Gre Bank
status: paying
payouts: 1% daily for 100 days 5% weekly for 365 days
Oct 14, 2021
New HYIP Tecdub Tecdub
status: paying
payouts: 11% hourly forever, 27% hourly for 10 hours, 1200%
October 25, 2021
We have some reports about fake application that seems like ZetBull. Please be informed that this is fake.
October 6, 2021
Almost 3 years have passed since the launch of our company, it seems like yesterday. All the goals and tasks we have set ourselves have been largely exceeded and achieved, but many others stand in front of us!
Bright Right Investment
August 17, 2021
Good day our dear investors and partners!

We would like to announce that our company Coinex TP successfully prolonged Extended Validation SSL for our website till year 2022 !

Our company provided all needed documents to process validation of EV SSL and right now EV SSL already...
Coinex Trading Platform


Discover Premium High Yield Investment Programs, each with high ROI percentages. This area includes the most popular HYIPs, which are proven to be paying status and have no current issues.

Even if you're using little money to get started, don't dive into the deep end of the pool early. You could be making some stupid costly moves and, you get a negative investment experience.

Not only is the ROI something to pay attention to, but also take a look at which ones investors speak highly about. The investor rating is your best friend here. But if you have a keen eye, you need to know the difference between honest reviews and the ones that look generic, lacking in detail, or fake. Having this ability in your arsenal will help eliminate the dishonest programs from those that are.
# Program Latest Payout Payment Rates Votes
Coinex Trading Platform
Discussion(398) Scam Report Vote!
EV SSL hot Status: paying
Our investment: 400 USD
26 Oct,2021
ROI: 2920 %
min deposit: $10.00
120% after 1 day, 210% after 5 days,800% after 30 d
 star rating
774 reviews
Welcome to the Coinex Trade Platform - Your reliable partner for investment! Our company established trading activity since 25 July 2019 ! Our professional traders team of cryptocurrency will increase your capital during short period of time!
Withdrawal: Manual (monitored for 668 days)
HYIP monitors: 6
Discussion(6) Scam Report Vote!
EV SSL hot Status: paying
Our investment: 500 USD
27 Oct,2021
ROI: 905 %
min deposit: 10 USD
555%-16000% after 20-160 days | 2.5% daily for 55d
4.9 star rating
95 reviews
ZetBull Limited - private investment company online since 2019. Incorporated in the UK. Company Number: 13058616. Statement capital 1000000GBP. Office address: 1 Hardman Square, Manchester, England, M3 3EB. ZetBull offers VIP investment service - 555%-16000% after 20-160 days.
Withdrawal: Manual (monitored for 895 days)
HYIP monitors: 373
Crypto 7
Discussion(15) Scam Report Vote!
Free SSL Status: paying
Our investment: 1000 USD
26 Oct,2021
ROI: 488 %
min deposit: 1 USD
2% daily
2.3 star rating
21 reviews
Welcome to the website of Crypto7 company. We have first-class specialists in matters related to the development of new methods of crypto mining of Bitcoin and its derivatives using classical and advanced algorithms as well as trading activity on the world's leading crypto exchanges. In view of the many years of operating, strong theoretical elaboration and practical experience, our company has gathered top experts to provide the best financial services to our many loyal partners worldwide as well as our new customers.
Withdrawal: Instant (monitored for 2227 days)
HYIP monitors: 7
Zion Finance
Discussion Scam Report Vote!
SSL Status: paying
Our investment: 200 USD
27 Oct,2021
ROI: 456 %
min deposit: 10 USD
0.37% daily for 30 days or 114% after 30 days
2.5 star rating
4 reviews
The main goal of Zion Finance LTD is to provide high-quality financial management of promising innovative projects and attract diversified fund of independent investors from around the world. All financial activities of the managing company Zion Finance LTD are regulated by the financial legislation of the United Kingdom with addictions to the financial regulations of the resident countries of the managed companies.
Withdrawal: Manual (monitored for 653 days)
HYIP monitors: 14
Uncharted Wealth
Discussion(8) Scam Report Vote!
Free SSL Status: paying
Our investment: 500 USD
26 Oct,2021
ROI: 585 %
min deposit: 1 USD
0.5% daily
4.2 star rating
21 reviews
Your journey into realm of the financial prosperity begins with a $1 deposit. As you start sponsoring our investigations, you will slowly discover more interesting things around you. Assume financial freedom and become the ultimate discoverer. Our program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts. is a long term high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex market trading and investing in various funds and activities.
Withdrawal: Instant (monitored for 1724 days)
HYIP monitors: 9
City Build Ttrade
Discussion(38) Scam Report Vote!
Free SSL Status: paying
Our investment: 200 USD
23 Oct,2021
ROI: 1230 %
min deposit: $1
107% after 7 days
3.8 star rating
104 reviews
CityBuildTrade is a renowned leader in construction industry. Our unmatched experience has brought us to the largest projects we have ever had. CBT portfolio includes dozens of accomplished projects, few collaborations and nine international constructions. Today everyone has a chance to build its capital by investing in our business. Together we can build a new future.
Withdrawal: Instant (monitored for 2800 days)
HYIP monitors: 27
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