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January 22, 2021
status: paying
payouts: 7% per day for 30 days paid hourly, 150% in 24
January 20, 2021
status: paying
payouts: 3.5% hourly forever, 14% for 10 hours, 170% after
January 18, 2021
status: paying
payouts: 5% hourly, 15% hourly for 10 hours, 180% profit
January 16, 2021
FullCharge Capital
status: paying
payouts: 6% per day for 30 days paid hourly, 125% in 24
Crypto Junction Limited
status: waiting
payouts: 4% weekly for 120 weeks
January 12, 2021
status: paying
payouts: 3.5% hourly forever, 11% hourly for 14 hours, 175%
January 11, 2021
status: paying
payouts: 5% hourly forever, 13.5% hourly for 10 hours, 180%
January 8, 2021
Ethereum Invest
status: paying
payouts: 0.7% daily for 150 days
January 7, 2021
status: problem
payouts: 6% per day for 30 days, paid hourly, 130% in 24
January 5, 2021
Bit Spectrum
status: paying
payouts: 115% after 1 day,175% after 3 days,715% after 7
02 Jan,2021
Coinex Trading Platform
Hello our dear investors and partners!

First of all, we would like to wish you a happy new year 2021!

We would like that year 2021 would bring you great and outstanding profits and that all of your dreams could come true during the year 2021!
We believe that year 2021 wil...
11 Sep,2020
Crypto Silva Limited
We are pleased to announced that today is a celebration for our 700 Days completed
20 Jul,2020
Earnerr Limited
We are now accepting ePayCore & credit card deposits and withdrawals! From now on you can make deposits & receive withdrawals with the payment system ePayCore!
03 Jun,2020
Fuel your online earnings with Oil Trading.
Evonomy has arrived and opened registration for public members, after several days of working privately and testing our trading consistency, we have decided that is the right time to open registrations.
09 Apr,2020
LoanTech - Celebrating 2 Months online. Once more we are glad to announce our 2nd month of successful work! Currently our active members from the 1st & start of 2nd month has profited over 100% and are now earning daily.
Caso Money
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status:not paid

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13 May,2020
Votes: 18
Trust: -108
Join Date: Jan 2020
Posted from IP: {} United Kingdom

Hi bro,my name is Annis, I want to ask if I can work with you,I have different telegram to post withdrawal proofs so investors Will have more confidence in you to invest more faster and I will also keep add you 20 reviews daily on monitors like INVESTORS-PROTEST, INVEST-TRACING, telegram groups,facebook,i will add your site on my channel to have referrers and others hyip monitors in every day because as long investors keep seeing different types of deposits and withdrawal on different monitors from different countries logo/IP it will make them to invest more faster my work is to do all necessary works to make investors invest faster in your project have worked with many different admin and they have good results offer not high you can add me ACTIVE DEPOSITS,you can pm
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06 May,2020
King Invest
Votes: 1
Join Date: May 2020
Posted from IP: {} India

Awesome. Payment received!
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04 May,2020
Votes: 1
Join Date: May 2020
Posted from IP: {} India

Super Awesome. Got Paid ! Recommend.
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30 Apr,2020
Votes: 3
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posted from IP: {} India

Got paid as usual. Instant payment, no tension. Thanks to the admin.
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25 Apr,2020
Votes: 3
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posted from IP: {} India

Superb! Got paid as usual. Recommended! 👍🏻
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