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July 29, 2021
New HYIP Padrino Padrino
status: problem
payouts: 18% hourly forever, 44% hourly for 10 hours, 1450%
July 26, 2021
New HYIP Highfly Highfly
status: paying
payouts: 20% hourly forever, 50% hourly for 10 hours, 1500%
July 22, 2021
New HYIP Bitload Bitload
status: not paid
payouts: 10% hourly forever, 25% hourly for 10 hours, 1100%
July 16, 2021
New HYIP Eagle Emitrade Eagle Emitrade
status: paying
payouts: 120% after 1 day,260% after 4 days,450% after
July 15, 2021
New HYIP Zeppelin Cars Limited Zeppelin Cars Limited
status: paying
payouts: up to 20% daily and 150%-200% after 1-3 days
July 14, 2021
New HYIP HugeProfits HugeProfits
status: not paid
payouts: 5% hourly forever, 15% hourly for 10 hours, 180%
July 12, 2021
New HYIP Bravex Bravex
status: not paid
payouts: 6% per hour for 30 days paid hourly, 125% in 24
July 7, 2021
New HYIP Cryptolizer Cryptolizer
status: not paid
payouts: 11% hourly forever, 27% hourly for 10 hours, 1200%
July 5, 2021
New HYIP Yolocoin Yolocoin
status: not paid
payouts: 3.5% hourly forever, 14% for 10 hours, 170% after
July 1, 2021
New HYIP Obiaz Obiaz
status: not paid
payouts: 10% hourly forever, 25% hourly for 10 hours, 1100%
25 Jun,2021
Due to the PerfectMoney changed its terms of use. We will upgrade/add new payment processors in few days.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
24 Jun,2021
Coinex Trading Platform
Good day our dear investors and partners!

We have some outstanding news today! During the next few weeks at our home page will be added Coinex TP company video review, filmed directly from our office! Every investor and partner will be able to see this video review very soon!

18 May,2021
Get 20% Instant Bonus on your investment in Total returns 140% in 24 days or faster
21 Apr,2021
Unlimited Money successfully completed 1 month
12 Apr,2021
Coinex Trading Platform
Hello our dear investors and partners!

We would like to announce about the upcoming next bull cycle for Bitcoin!

Following a month-long consolidation period, the buying pressure behind Bitcoin is finally being reflected on prices.

During the weekends, Bitcoin broke ...
Quantum A.I Trade
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22 Jun,2021
Votes: 35
Trust: -29
Join Date: May 2020
Posted from IP: {} United States

( H y i p H a c k e r s u h b . c o m ) I suggest you take a look. No wonder many good hyip turn scam
Report Bad Post  #826442  
26 Mar,2021
Votes: 2
Join Date: Feb 2021
Posted from IP: {} Czechia

It has not been valid since last week and as of March 22, 2021, I can no longer log in to my account. I do not receive any support at all.
Report Bad Post  #826422  
22 Mar,2021
Votes: 1
Join Date: Mar 2021
Posted from IP: {} Ukraine

When you deposit for 24 hours, your funds are transferred to a deposit for 365 days. After the expiration of the term of the deposit, the administrator requires additional investments to withdraw funds. I refused. I was allegedly sent a bank check in a letter with no traceability. Later, the admin stopped responding to my requests.
Report Bad Post  #826417  
21 Mar,2021
Votes: 17
Join Date: Mar 2010
Posted from IP: {} France

h y i p h a c k e r s u h b . c o m Forget this hyip. This Hyip aready been snap. Check the Evidence that I found. This Hyip is done
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19 Mar,2021
Jadan ray
Votes: 1
Join Date: Mar 2021
Posted from IP: {} Philippines

Not paying I follow there terms and condition and they are not paying Do not invest in higher return
Report Bad Post  #819932  
05 Jun,2020
Votes: 1
Join Date: Jun 2020
Posted from IP: {} Germany

Hi. They changed the 1 day investment plan to forever 0.02% daily. because of the right to change any plans in terms to use.
Report Bad Post  #816900  
24 Feb,2020
Votes: 127
Trust: 127
Join Date: Feb 2020
Posted from IP: {} United States

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