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ROI: 145.00%
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5% daily for 30 days, 3.5% daily for 45 days
Min. deposit: $10
Max. deposit: $100,000
Affilate: %10
Last payout: Oct 17, 2018
Withdrawal: Instant
Since: Jul 11,2018 (2107 days ago)
Every day in the world thousands of interesting sports events are took place. We

are not just uninvolved onlookers of these events – we make money on them. To get

the maximum possible profit from the sports betting we gathered the best

professionals among bettors and analysts, which not only have great experience,

but also their own strategies.
Canada 14 votes ( 19% )
Netherlands 12 votes ( 17% )
Germany 10 votes ( 14% )
United States 7 votes ( 10% )
Portugal 6 votes ( 8% )
Hong Kong 6 votes ( 8% )
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Join Date: Oct 2018
Oct 20, 2018 19:09:30 Posted from IP: {87.182.*.*} Germany

SCAM - I was following each day the evolution of my investment and suddenly since yesterday the webpage disappeared. I wrote an email but no answer.
Join Date: Oct 2018
Oct 17, 2018 20:05:21 Posted from IP: {156.0.*.*} Benin

SCAM SCAM SCAM some problem happened. Today should be my accural day, I should have my money now but after it reach 100% my profit reset back to zero and the Accruals count still show 0
Join Date: Oct 2018
Oct 11, 2018 03:16:01 Posted from IP: {185.230.*.*} Switzerland

The amount of 7 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U14319214->Uxxxxxxx Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Date: 02:40 11.09.18. Batch: 231598724.
Join Date: Oct 2018
Oct 11, 2018 03:08:25 Posted from IP: {37.48.*.*} Netherlands

Five Star for this program. Highly Recommended. The amount of 9 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U14319214->U3027518. Batch: 231581405. Never miss this program.
Join Date: Oct 2018
Oct 9, 2018 18:54:01 Posted from IP: {104.37.*.*} United States

Processor : Perfectmoney Date : 2018-09-10 17:35 From/To Account : U14319214 Amount :6 Currency : USD Batch : 231284761. Memo : API Payment. Withdrawal from
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Oct 17, 2018
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Oct 12, 2018
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Oct 11, 2018
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Oct 10, 2018
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Oct 10, 2018
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Oct 8, 2018
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Oct 5, 2018
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Sep 18, 2018
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Jul 11, 2018
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Apr 8, 2024
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Apr 17, 2024Beentere
payment was done today by admin to my bitcoin wallet :) Transaction code: ab299dc752567415cb1c4dd9c0c815852095501202342c2c15b28ae2fe807eca
HYIP Web3 Profit Review Web3 Profit
Apr 17, 2024sacka
Last Withdrawals Withdrawal has been processed. Batch id:a7e41905f970d80cd2e90d9083092dbc750b57ea42767de85afcc9c452a850d8
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Apr 17, 2024McVaney
Next payment! 0.13795 BTC has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account .... Transaction batch is 62d8d718948c8beb93a769ba5865297299d9006ffe9fe8217c6961fc698d0fcf
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Apr 17, 2024Sanchez
💥😎I was getting exactly high interest I wanted. Thank you so much.
HYIP AiTiMart Review AiTiMart
Apr 16, 2024edpr2140
Transaction ID: 2424655 Date of transaction: 16.04.2024 13:31 Amount: 1.08 USD Note: Payment via AiTiPay for invoice 15020157829
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