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What is an HYIP Monitor?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022
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HYIP monitor

HYIP Monitor, short for High Yield Investment Program Monitor, is an unbiased and official 3rd party online directory where users can access current and accurate information regarding the financial stats of many HYIP websites in real-time. You can also link to leading agencies and make investments with the click of a button.

These monitoring websites display easy-to-read numbers and projections showing highly relevant information on:

  • Current top HYIP performers.
  • Average daily payout percentages.
  • The estimated minimum investment that's needed.
  • Annual return percentage investment rates.
  • Up-to-date reference guides and investment strategies.
  • Cryptocurrency trends, news, and update values.
  • Lists of blackmailed servicers are deemed as scams by authorities.
  • User reviews on indexed services, agencies, websites.
  • Much more.

What is a High Yield Investment Program?

A High Yield Investment Program offers nearly guaranteed methods for amateur investors with little to no experience to find incredibly high and significant return increases at over 400% percent of their initial investment sum.

Using advanced algorithms, market analysis, and in-depth trajectory predictions, HYIPs can use your money to do the hard work for you, making for some significant spoils in the short and long term.

Why Use a High Yield Investment Program?

Because of the personal risk, financial liability, and unfortunately low projected returns of investing through traditional and often confusing E-Trade websites, sometimes it pays to have a professional handling the job.

HYIPs offer sustainable and affordable solutions to create passive income in an ever-evolving and volatile market. You wouldn't try and fix your car's broken transmission if you never had the training, right? Then why would you choose to invest in a crazy and complex financial market if you've never learned how to? The answer is you wouldn't.

There are also potentially high legal risks associating with other investment strategies. If you are not careful, you could unknowingly violate SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) rules and regulations that could wind up having you owe more than what you planned on investing (or worse).

Why It's Common Sense to Invest

There are three highly compelling and major reasons to invest in a High Yield Investment Program. Here they are:

Now That's a Low-Entry Buy-in!

With as little as $10 to $15 as an entry-level investment, the price to begin your fortune has never been more affordable. With such a small amount of risk, the price of two lattes at your local coffee shop could net you a high profit of $30-$35 or more in just a day.

General investment guidelines advise people to never invest more than they are willing to lose, but with low investment buy-ins like this, you would potentially lose more by not investing.

Look at that ROI

In the world of finance, and money made from the yields of investment strategies are referred to as your ROI or return on investment. Your ROI percentage is very important when choosing which investment strategy is right for you.

In traditional investment methods, your ROI could be as little as 2% a year. At that rate, to make only $200 in a year your initial investment would need to at least be $10,000. With HYIPs, you could make $200 in a day with a measly investment of only $20. Now that's what you call a worthy return.

Proven Records

Official and legitimate HYIPs sourced through reliable HYIP Monitors have conclusive data and a reliable track record of incredibly high ROIs for their users. The only way HYIPs can make money is if they make their client's more money first, which mitigates the risk.

Find a reputable HYIP with accurate reviews to find out more about how much money they've paid out within the last week, and you'll be certain that it's the right investment for you.

Investment Strategies to Incorporate

Even with the reliability and proven high ROI's of High Yield Investment Programs, it's still smart for any investor to set some guidelines and follow them when choosing financial paths to walk.

Below are some great tips and rules you can adopt into your investment framework:

  • Never invest more than what you don't want to lose.
  • Develop and stick to your own personally tailored investment handbook. When making decisions, refer back to it for a reference that can help you make the choice that's in your best interest.
  • Before spending any money, make sure you take the time to read up on the companies or products you are going to be investing in. Research and information go a long way in the financial world.
  • Keep it all in perspective, and realize that just because of a market fluctuation, you don't need to make irrational decisions. Market volatility is normal, and beyond patient in riding out the storm can have you thinking long term instead of short.



You may have heard of them on the news or in the media because cryptocurrencies are the new and highly alluring monetary systems that can provide excellent ROI and may be around for the long haul.

Most legitimate and reputable cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) use a technology called blockchain that allows the denomination of each coin to be transferred digitally without a centralized issuer. This means that cryptocurrencies can be traded, purchased, and given away by the click of a button (a few other simple steps).

The Safety of Decentralized Currencies

The safe and reliable algorithms used to allow cryptocurrencies to work ensure a go-to and incredibly alluring strategy when considering investment options.

Cryptocurrencies using blockchain cannot be hacked, broken into, stolen, or changed in a way to affect the rightful owner's legal possession. Imagine little blocks of code that built a ladder up towards the sky. Once the code is on "the chain" it cannot be undone.

Because new code to add to the block needs previously coded blocks to be written in a specific way, trying to manipulate older blocks renders the entire block obsolete and therefore cannot be performed.

One thing is for certain, cryptocurrencies are safe to use.

Cryptocurrencies and HYIPS

The emerging relevance and pressure on society to adopt this new form of currency has created an extremely volatile and highly rewarding form of finance. So, it's no wonder that many HYIPs use cryptocurrency investment methods to ensure the same kinds of gains (and higher) as traditional ones.

Cryptocurrency investments offer skyrocketed returns and dividends you can rely on to build your financial security.

Tips and Guides Navigating HYIPs and Investing

If High Yield Investment Programs are new for you, it is good to know and adopt tips and advice on how to properly navigate the potentially highly valuable rewards that come with the territory below are tips and explanations about HYIPs and the path towards financial success.

Don't Even Give Up

Investments can come with their fair share of ups and downs, but it's important to keep your eye on the prize. Set financial investment goals and milestones that give you the sense of accomplishment you deserve on your journey.

Look Out for Scams

Online investments in HYIPs can be greatly fruitful, but many try to deceive and ultimately steal from potential investors, creating an unjustified stigma around a legitimate offering. Remember these important factors when evaluating the legitimacy of an HYIP:

  • Don't give out Social Security numbers.
  • Check to see if the reviews of an agency are good on your HYIP Monitor.
  • Report frequently to the Blacklist section of your HYIP Monitor to see what companies you should never invest with.
  • Keep up you're learning and research to know the signs and take preventative measures towards ensuring your highest possible ROI.

Use the Split-Fee Option

After investing, make sure to pull out the initial investment you put down in the beginning. This makes you confident that no matter what losses incur, you didn't lose the base amount.

After that, use the 50/50 rule when withdrawing profits. Keep at least 50% of all ROI in the HYIP so you can keep making money and never take a loss.

Don't Keep All of Your Eggs in One Basket

The key to successful investment rests in a few major guideline principles, but not as many are as relevant as the method of diversifying your investment portfolio.

Make sure to research and look up new investment opportunities and grow multiple ROIs across different accounts. If you want a full garden, you wouldn't plant all of your seeds in one pot, and the same rule applies to finance. You would much rather have a full forest of cash than one lonely tree, it's that simple.

HYIP Explorer is an HYIP Monitor You Can Trust

By now you understand the full value that HYIPs offer, as well as the need for HYIP Monitor sites to provide information compiled in an easy-to-view database.

One of the best and most efficient HYIP Monitors out there is HYIP Explorer, providing up-to-date, accurate, and relevant information about the leading HYIPs in circulation. Inside its extensive databases include articles about HYIP, investment strategies, real-time HYIP payout percentages, the current top HYIPs you can invest with, and much more.

Here is an in-depth analysis of one of the industry-leading HYIP Monitor agencies and why it's important to use them with your financial future in mind.

Pages of Valuable Information

At the top of the homepage, HYIP Explorer displays easily navigable tabs that can get you linked to the right information as soon as you need.

  • Read countless articles provided by HYIP industry experts on how to set yourself up for the most success.
  • Check the current ratings of new and old HYIPs.
  • See what HYIPs are trending with most investors.
  • Find information on cryptocurrencies including value and conversion rate.
  • Post on their online forum and get connected to the experts with any questions related to HYIPs and finance.
  • Find the recently added and previous blacklisted companies that should be avoided.
  • Check your current downline information, register an account, and find your URL.

Loads of Great Reads

In its vast databases of information, HYIP Explorer offers insightful and relevant articles about a variety of topics in the investment, finance, and HYIP world.

Want to know more about cryptocurrencies? Want tips about investment strategies? Want to weigh the risks and find relevant research to make a financial decision? HYIP Explorer article section has whatever you are looking for to quell your uncertainty.

Top Ten of the Best

At all given times, 24-7 around the clock updates to HYIP Explorers' current top 10 popular HYIPs give you real-time information about what moves to make and why.

Check which HYIP is trending the most and the least. Find out how many users are flocking to the HYIP you're interested in. Click the link of any of the HYIPs listed to find detailed information about their history, business dealings, and much more information.

Premium Sticky List

Find out the number one HYIP and its information with the click of a button in this easy-to-use link and see which HYIP outperforms the others and how.

Currently Coinex TP. LTD, a leading and very popular HYIP, leads the ranks at the top of the sticky list. Find out more about them and many others through this helpful portal, as well as new contenders that may take the spotlight in the coming days.

Premium, Class "A", and Class "B" Performers

HYIP Explorer has a regimented and highly strict grading process when it comes to new and current HYIPs it monitors onsite.

Here are the current categories:

Premium HYIPs

These HYIPs are veteran programs and have proven through seemingly endless transactions their ability to deliver to their users and investors.

Keep an eye out for these as they have the data to back up their legitimacy.

Class "A" Performers

These HYIPs under Class "A" certification are experienced and solid contenders for an investor to look into. Although they have a good record, they have not yet established themselves as Premium status HYIPs but are on the pathway to that.

Class "B" Performers

Class "B" Performers are newly created or have recently been indexed to HYIP Explorer's database. These HYIPs aren't off the table for investment, but they are under trial for Class "A" status and have not yet finished the testing period. More information for these HYIPs is needed to move their ranking up.

News Offered

Check the News section for any excitingly fresh development for potential bonuses, official announcements, HYIP recognition, new opportunities, and much more.

Offered Buttons

Use your very own clickable template for your page with real-time information and the last payout date. Or use a logo button to help your traffic flow to HYIP Explorer's reputable information.

Latest Scams

Find the most recently added scam HYIPs in order of the last offense reported and protect yourself from deceitful investment practices.

New Listings

Find the most recently credible performers recently indexed and verified to payout along with paying status, payout percentage, and time until ROI gains.

The Bottom Line


High Yield Investment Programs are a sustainable, viable, and potentially lucratively safe method of seeing insanely high return percentages on investments. With really low minimum buy-in amounts and maximum gains, you might not be able to afford not investing in an HYIP soon enough.

HYIP Monitors provide accurate, useful, and updated information about current HYIPs including market trends, payout percentages, latest scams, and more. This makes them highly valuable 3rd party bodies that help keep HYIPs accountable for investors.

Out of all the HYIP Monitoring sites, very few of them offer the transparency, accurate information, and user-friendliness that HYIP Explorer does on their platform. Find the top HYIP performers, news regarding the industry and changes, databases filled with insightful articles in investment and finance, as well as many other features that only come with an HYIP Monitor like this.

Take a step towards crafting your financial future today, and find out more.

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