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HYIPs as a strong necessity

Updated: Jun 9, 2022
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HYIPs as a strong necessity in the face of looming dollar collapse. HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program and there's a very important phenomenon of the financial world. It provides millions of people the opportunity to earn huge money, the outstanding Return on Investment (ROI) starting with mere 5% up to fascinating 300% a month. These HYIPs beat many alternatives and at the same time they fall in the line of ROIs that the most Moon rising stocks demonstrate.

An average monthly stock return for last decade:
  • Tesla: +68,3%
  • Nvidia: +31,5%
  • Domino's: +21,1%
  • Netflix: +14,1%
  • Amazon: +14,1%
  • MasterCard: +11,8%
  • Adobe: +13%
  • Visa: +8,48%
  • Apple: +7,78%
  • Home Depot: +6,58%
  • Microsoft: +6,2%

The necessity to get lucrative profit comes from the investor's fear of looming dollar collapse. Recently Matt O'Brien, writer in New York, ex-contributor to the Washington Post & the Atlantic has criticized this stance:
"Bitcoin's only actual use is as an investment for tech bros who don't understand monetary policy, and, as a result, incorrectly believe that the dollar is about to collapse. It's digital gold, only if gold were more volatile & easily manipulated."

It's worth mentioning that Bitcoin goes mainstream and it doesn't matter in which framework. Indeed, Bitcoin is a very lucrative asset gaining 161.39% since January 1st. So there's about 14,67% that can be considered as very conservative in comparison with many HYIPs. But Bitcoin is vital innovation and sometimes it's a cornerstone of various HYIPs so there's no need to discard this asset. Cryptocurrencies lower the cost of servicing populations that have historically been excluded from the financial sector.

In the issue of possible dollar collapse many see warning signs. Ben Kaufman, coder at SpecterWallet, stares at the skyrocketing price of one NY magazine and makes a conclusion that official U.S. inflation statistics is totally misleading.

In this situation when U.S. dollar tanks to multiyear low to euro HYIPs may save money for many million people especially as the world wide web has opened a door into the financial realm literally for anybody. The Internet is a great instrument to handle information and financial flows. That's why many of the transactions online of HYIP are executed over the Internet. HYIPs engage ways, set-ups and faucets to cater possible investors with lucrative offers.

Their developers often provide beautiful template designs that give an awesome outlook to the front page of a HYIP project. And at the same time it's great when these projects also lecture investors on how to identify red flags for financial fraud and provide resources addressing how to protect yourself from fraud and scams. HYIPs spread over the vast landscape, from metal trading, sport exchange to Forex, cryptocurrencies and capital management. They often create wonderful mixes of various investment products including derivatives and structured ones. It's great that there is more and more possible to start using just downloading the relevant app from AppStore or GooglePlay.

In doing so, HYIPs strive to bring about high returns but it's very important for them to be different from those dubious projects that promise a lot but deliver nothing.

Scams go along HYIPs. The feature of the bulk of scams is that they are unsustainable. They last for a short run and then pass away, for example as the Ponzi schemes do. A Ponzi scheme is a stacking operation scam that promises a ballooning high financial outcome on liquidity by paying earlier investors with the financial means provided by newcomers. This process is also known as "compounding", it stipulates the scam to last as long as fresh investors are coming up to put down their money. Compounding in this sense plays as a scam technique.
Investment fraud can take many frameworks such as inappropriate financial instruments, fraudulent offerings (e.g., Ponzi schemes), unregulated products, unlicensed activities of advisers/ brokers, the embezzlement of funds.

Sometimes people love to do nothing to change their financial lives, and then start to wonder why life isn't going so great for them. Go figure, undertake a comprehensive research about the company/project you are getting involved in. Some of them can lead to huge financial disasters, and turn out to be disadvantageous and futile.

If you are contemplating on doing a stake in HYIP, be ready to accept the opportunity to fail. There is really no way to fully reduce the risk. Invest in safer and more secure financial instruments which will help you sleep calmly at night, and whatever happens don't let emotions determine your investment decisions. Better to be safe than sorry. However, if you're the risk taking person, with some money that you won't miss if you lose, then by all means you can go forward and invest. Just always bear in mind that through the process you have to do diligent evaluation in order for you to reach your goal. You also have to educate yourself about the HYIP "road maps", ways and paths to be able to have an amazing return.

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