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Registered Company - Invest Your Money In Forex Industry / 110% After 1 Day / 131% After 3 Days / 195% After 7 Days / 420% After 15 days / 1400% After 30 Days / VIP1: 40...
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Welcome to our company, which is BANK. Officially based company in 2014, London, UK. We offer daily earning starting from 135%! JOIN US NOW!
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Mon, 30-Mar-2015
status: waiting
payouts: 130% After 1 day,200% After 3 days,500% After 7 day
Brand Destiny Ltd.
status: waiting
payouts: 1.2% - 2.1% Daily For 15 - 60 Days (Principal Back)
Sun, 29-Mar-2015
Secure Finance
status: waiting
payouts: 122% after 1 day,160% after 2 days,300%after 5days
Sun, 22-Mar-2015
status: waiting
payouts: 2% daily forever.
Fri, 20-Mar-2015
EU ForexTrade
status: waiting
payouts: 130%-2010% after 1 to 30 Days
status: paying
payouts: 10%-20% daily for 30 days, Up to 300% after 10 days
Wed, 18-Mar-2015
status: paying
payouts: 1% - 5% daily until you reach 150% total return; pr
Mon, 16-Mar-2015
FX Bank Ltd
status: paying
payouts: 110% After 1 Day / 131% After 3 Days, And VIP Plans
Sun, 15-Mar-2015
TsT Trading
status: paying
payouts: 131% After 1 Day,181% After 2 Days,251% After 3 Day
Income Residents
status: not paid
payouts: 102,5% after 24 hour 125% after 1 Day
30 Mar,2015
News of Creative Investments
Hi Dears,

We hope you are having a good time!
Let us start this newsletter with some exciting news.

At first, website has been officially online for 115 days now (3 months and 25 days), and our growth is rising by very high extents day by day. CreatInv LTD' user database is expanding at an astonishing pace, and we are emerging as one big sensation of the high yield industry. Due to the ever increasing popularity of CreatInv company, people from all over the world are joining CreatInv to take part in the investment opportunity we have been providing for 4 months.
25 Mar,2015
News of Saar Bank
Good day, dear investors.

Very pleased to inform you that our investment company for 67 days online and provide excellent investment services. Many investors have already received immense profit for this short period of time and we will provide more profits to every single investor!

22 Mar,2015
News of Bitcoin Trust
Bitcoin Trust is an investment company that is focused exclusively on Bitcoin operations. We are fascinated by Bitcoin, the so-called “post-currency”, which creates thousands of new opportunities for online business, and can revolutionize the way we use money. BTC is anonymous, border less, low-cost, and secure; it allows almost instantaneous transfers.
22 Mar,2015
News of Creative Investments
Hello Dears,
Welcome to CreatInv LTD!
We hope your week has been enjoyable so far. We are utterly pleased to announce CreatInv website has completed 100 days and hopefully each member of the CreatInv community have experienced a profitable ride with us.
15 Mar,2015
News of TsT Trading
Our Features: Professional financial investment company, Short-term and guaranteed high-yield, Encrypted licensed website script, Distributed Denial of Service protection, Friendly and timely support system, Fast payment system within hours, 8% referral commission for all members, Social networks support like facebook.
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# Program Latest Payout Payment Rates Votes/Comments
FX Bank Ltd
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Status: paying
Our investment: 300 USD
30 Mar,2015
ROI: 261 %
min deposit: 10 USD
110% After 1 Day / 131% After 3 Days, And VIP Plans
Users rating: 64 votes
This is achieved through a large set of trading tools, professional traders and an active development of methods of electronic funds transfer (notable payment processors, cryptocurrencies etc.), Our company, FX Bank Limited, not only has a wealth of experience in the financial trading, but also developed own breakeven trading system with high-yield capabilities. This allows us to manage our finan...
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 15 days)
Saar Bank
Discussion(384) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 200 USD
30 Mar,2015
ROI: 1202 %
min deposit: $10.00
135% After 1 Day, 300% After 3 Days, 600% After 6 D
Users rating: 81 votes
Welcome to the website of our company, which is BANK. We are an investment company created to managing money . We offer our clients the opportunity to invest their money without leaving the house. All this is done within a single account in our company. The advantage is the high interest rates that we can offer.
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 72 days)
Blue Sky Asset
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Status: paying
Our investment: 1500 USD
30 Mar,2015
ROI: 512 %
min deposit: 10 USD
15% Daily for 30 Days.
Users rating: 1 votes
Ranking points: 823
Blue Sky Asset has seen steady growth during past few years of offline operation specializing in various funds, gold, bond, stocks trading, mortgage loan and Forex. To enhance our capabilities , Blue Sky Asset ventured outward to pursue innovation through international partnership. With concerted hard work & efficient business skills, Today, Blue Sky Asset provide superior online services for everyone no matter individual or privates .
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 527 days)
Tricon Invest
Discussion(4) Scam Report(1) Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 1500 USD
30 Mar,2015
ROI: 312 %
min deposit: 20 USD
8% Daily For 180 Days. 5% Referral Bonus.
Users rating: 0 votes
Ranking points: 535
It’s easy to find Investment Company and financial advisors who’ll say they’ve got your best interests at heart. At Tricon Invest , we don’t just talk the talk. From the client-first legal standards we obey to, to the generous amount of time we dedicate to each client, we walk the walk. And we back it up with a level of experience and expertise that most firms simply cannot match. Tricon Invest offers a wide range of investment solutions for both individuals and corporates depending on their investment objectives and requirements such as Forex, Gold , Bonds, Stock trading and investment in va
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 445 days)
Pegasus Asset
Discussion(1) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 1700 USD
30 Mar,2015
ROI: 179 %
min deposit: 10 USD
2%-3% Daily for 365 Days. 5% Daily for 270 Days.
Users rating: 16 votes
Ranking points: 343, If you are reading this, then apparently you are looking for some kind of a tool to invest your money online with good returns, without risk and without getting up off the chair you are sitting on right now. Luckily for you, it is XXI century and there are dozens of opportunities available both online and offline. And we, Pegasus Asset, in fact, are one of the above mentioned opportunities.
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 361 days)
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