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Grand Agro Finance - Earn with us! 135% After 1 Day,330% After 6 Days,850% After 15 -90 Days,2000-5000%,VIP 1100% After11 Days,VIP 2200% After 22 Days,VIP 3300% After 33...
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Sat, 25-Oct-2014
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Fri, 24-Oct-2014
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Hot Profit Online
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Thu, 23-Oct-2014
Intact Fund
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Wed, 22-Oct-2014
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Tue, 21-Oct-2014
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Income Star
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Mon, 20-Oct-2014
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21 Oct,2014
News of Eastoil International Ltd
A month has passed after the launch of our investment program. We have already achieved incredible success. More than 9,000 people have chosen our company to invest money, and the total investment has exceeded $40 million.
20 Oct,2014
News of Weekly Profit
Dear Clients!
We feel happy to announce that we added Live Chat Support. Our Live Chat will be available in Eight Hours in a day including weekend. We hope you will enjoy our client friendly interface that we prepared. We are committed to a long term and mutually beneficial cooperation to give you an opportunity to gain expected profit.
Thank you for choosing us as your financial partner!
20 Oct,2014
News of Fi Finances LTD.
Kind investors,

Our company FI FINANCES LTD. today celebrating it’s 43 days as we opened our doors for investors worldwide. For this period we have achieved high results in this industry.

Now about results: Alexa global rank reached 199,280; U.S. rank 62,969; China 27,045; Australia 20,364.

There is already 10783 investors registered and more then $1,4 million invested and $1,1 million withdrawn!

All this results showing our effective investment activity and our results will be only growing and you can take a part in our company activity.

There is already our first official regional representative and you can find details at our representative’s page!

We are wishing you to stay in high profit with FI FINANCES LTD.

16 Oct,2014
News of Mega Profit
Hello and welcome to MegaProfit.BIZ! Current times witness an assortment of activities that different people accomplish to make an additional income. Most individuals seek diverse projects on the web, only to return disappointed with counterfeit portals that assure easy moneymaking. While many people strive to eke out a living with share-markets and stock-broking, understanding different investment programs is not everybody's cup of tea. One thing is certain with online investment is that you must channel your adroitness in the right direction to get the maximum profits on your plate. We, at MegaProfit.BIZ strive to support your benefaction is every possible way so that you can make a positive different with online investments.
14 Oct,2014
News of BondDot Investments
We have added new payment methods to BondDot! These include: LiqPay, SolidTrustPay, PayPal! So from now on, the following methods are accepted: Perfect Money, BitCoin, EgoPay, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, LiqPay, PayPal.
Premium HYIPs
# Program Latest Payout Payment Rates Votes/Comments
Grand Agro Finance
Discussion(4) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 200 USD
24 Oct,2014
ROI: 776 %
min deposit: 10 USD
135% After 1 Day,330-5000% After 6-90 Days and VIP
Users rating: 183 votes
The Grand Agro Finace company proceeded on financial market till 2004. All the time our company invests in the development of farm business. We have a great experience of working with investment in farming. Today, the farm business is perhaps the one sector of economic activity which brings a serious possibility of getting profit, because year by year the development of this branch becomes more a...
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 75 days)
Fi Finances LTD.
Discussion(172) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 200 USD
24 Oct,2014
ROI: 662 %
min deposit: $10.00
130% After 1 Day, 250% After 3 Days, 550% After 5 .
Users rating: 424 votes
Welcome to the website of our investment fund - Finances Ltd. We are a company founded on 2-nd June 2014. Our head office is in London. In the near future we will open further offices in the Europe. and Asia. Our activities are focused on tracking and earning foreign exchange for the differences in exchange rates. Our offer is 100% safe, because our actions that do not involve any risk and rely s...
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 48 days)
Eastoil International Ltd
Discussion(145) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 500 USD
23 Oct,2014
ROI: 411 %
min deposit: 25 USD
Up To 3,6% Daily for 70 Calendar Days
Users rating: 372 votes
EASTOIL LTD is an international investment company specializing in oil trading that involves purchasing securities of companies engaged in oil mining. Global competition for exhausting oil deposits has begun and private companies as well as governments are increasing spends on new equipment in order to get the last profits from oil trades as oil is going to be extinct within next fifty years or s...
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 38 days)
Discussion(3) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 200 USD
23 Oct,2014
ROI: 370 %
min deposit: 10 USD
15% daily for 8 days 30% daily for 6 days
Users rating: 320 votes
Why should you choose as a partner? Working with our company allows you to enter the world of investment without having to personally manage every trade. We have a proffessional team of financial experts, traders, and analytyst who compose a financial strategy for each of our investing clients. Pronanox is one of the first financial institutions that are commited financing the ...
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 40 days)
Nano Investments
Discussion(2893) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 1200 USD
25 Oct,2014
ROI: 197 %
min deposit: $20
9% daily or 40% weekly
Users rating: 1030 votes
Ranking points: 34565
NANO INDUSTRY INVESTMENTS INC LIMITED (NIIIL) is a legal investment company accredited in the United Kingdom. Please visit COMPANIES HOUSE official website and look up 08960704 registration number for the details. NIIIL is globally recognized by the most prestigious Mutual Fund and Investment nominations and prizes. The key to our success is brand new approach of investing in the most innovative industry segment. Join us to make the dreams of tomorrow the reality of everyday live. NIIIL - Proven to be best on market!
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 284 days)
Discussion(14) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 500 USD
24 Oct,2014
ROI: 1588 %
min deposit: 10 USD
Up to 3% Daily Profit
Users rating: 968 votes
Ranking points: 27880
Europe Business Ltd is an international investment entity that has been officially registered in Great Britain on November 2002. It was created by a group of professional traders and skilled analysts with valuable expertise especially in stock market and extensive practical experiences of combined knowledge and capabilities to allow for participation in the market within a non-risk investment environment.
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 174 days)
Blue Sky Asset
Discussion Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 1500 USD
23 Oct,2014
ROI: 306 %
min deposit: 10 USD
15% Daily for 30 Days.
Users rating: 38 votes
Ranking points: 499
Blue Sky Asset has seen steady growth during past few years of offline operation specializing in various funds, gold, bond, stocks trading, mortgage loan and Forex. To enhance our capabilities , Blue Sky Asset ventured outward to pursue innovation through international partnership. With concerted hard work & efficient business skills, Today, Blue Sky Asset provide superior online services for everyone no matter individual or privates .
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 371 days)
Fontera Fund
Discussion(1) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 1800 USD
23 Oct,2014
ROI: 194 %
min deposit: 10 USD
15% Daily For 90 Days. 5% Referral Bonus.
Users rating: 29 votes
Ranking points: 384
Fontera Fund is an intercontinental investment company specializing in online trading and investment across global financial markets. We enable private investors and institutional clients to trade in Stocks, Forex, Bonds, Gold, Hedge Funds and Private equities. In addition, Fontera Fund offer specialized portfolio and fund management.
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 321 days)
Oceana Finance
Discussion(3) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 1500 USD
23 Oct,2014
ROI: 228 %
min deposit: 10 USD
18% Daily For 90 Days.
Users rating: 24 votes
Ranking points: 377
Oceana Finance is a leading investment and trading company specializing in domestic and international hedge funds, Forex, Stock, Bonds and Gold. Here at Oceana Finance we believe that our philosophy, "Strength through Performance", is the right way to meet our customer's expectations by providing our customers with a service that is high "performance” with a team of experienced investment advisors, skilled market analysts, professional traders and legal experts to work together to achieve success.
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 353 days)
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