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Officially based company on 2-nd May 2014 in London, United Kingdom. We offer to our investors stable daily profit starting from 120%, you can join us already today!
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Real and Guaranteed Investment . Registered in UK # 09195937 . Comodo Green EV SSL , Symantec Seal, Anti ddos, Excellent Support, 120% After 1 Day / 210% After 5 Days / ...
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Enjoy your profti with TAL, More than 175 Days online! Professional team still provide excelent services. Live chat, phone support, real offices with 100% Real Register...
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Up To 3,6% Daily for 70 Calendar Days/Up To 800% After 55 Calendar Days, Incorporated in UK, EV SSL, PM BITCOIN PAYEER EGOPAY Accepted, Join NOW!
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Tue, 30-Sep-2014
status: waiting
payouts: 2.5-4% Daily for lifetime. Principal back anytime.
Mon, 29-Sep-2014
Regality Funds
status: waiting
payouts: 4% to 8% daily for life, principal return any time
status: waiting
payouts: 125%-450% After 1-7 Days,and Daily Plans
status: waiting
payouts: Daily percentage profit: 3.9-6.9%% DAILY FOR LIFE
Sun, 28-Sep-2014
status: waiting
payouts: 10% for 15 days 30% for 7 days 250% after 3 days
Jaguar Gold
status: waiting
payouts: 130% After 1 Days,180% After 2 Days, 230% After 3
Leverage Cloud Mining
status: waiting
payouts: Variable Deviden Rates
Sat, 27-Sep-2014
status: paying
payouts: 125% after 1 day,460% after 7 days,1500% after 15
Fri, 26-Sep-2014
Binimal Ltd
status: not paid
payouts: 123-250% after 1-5 days, 410-1234% after 10-30 days
Thu, 25-Sep-2014
Mute Credit
status: paying
payouts: 130% after 1 Day,180% after 4 Days and More
29 Sep,2014
News of Panamatic Ltd.
Dear investors,

PANAMATIC LTD. celebrating it's 121-st day as we are working with you together and we achieved high results on this market.

We became investment company NR.1 around the world. Investors know they can trust their funds to PANAMATIC LTD. and all investors got paid in time.

Our Alexa global rank: 31,223 ; U.S. Alexa rank: 9,579 ; China: 32,190 ; Indonesia 20,120 ; Netherlands 15,170.

Our company growing it's popularity and soon Twitter and some other social pages will be added to our web page, where you will be able to find representative list and many other features.

Our company management wishes good week and stable profits!

28 Sep,2014
News of Jaguar Gold
Jaguar Gold is an independently owned and operated company consisting of nothing but experienced, highly-trained financial professionals. We help to build partnerships and achieve goals by finding unique investment options. The primary mission of our Company is to create economic value for its clients and investor-co-partners through the identification and acquisition of trading assets that provide above-average returns to investors and display significant upside potential. Our main focus is on various foreign exchange and currency related investment opportunities. Primarily, we focus on foreign currency trading. We enable individual investors to capitalize on a wide-array of investment opportunities they would not have access to otherwise, due to monetary reasons and unfamiliarity with just how to invest. In other words, we make it easy for anyone to be involved with a wide array of previously inaccessible international markets.
28 Sep,2014
News of Weekly Profit
Dear Clients!
It is a great pleasure to welcome you on our investment service. We hope you will enjoy our client friendly interface that we prepared. We are committed to a long term and mutually beneficial cooperation to give you an opportunity to gain expected profit.
Thank you for choosing us as your financial partner!
25 Sep,2014
News of Trading Alliance Limited
Hello Dear Clients and Quests,
I would like to introduce our new offices
For now we have
Office in London
286 Euston Road, London
Middlesex NW1, 3DP,
24th Floor, Office 285
Phone: +44 203 7691 845

24 Sep,2014
News of Global Futures
Dear Clients!
It is a great pleasure to welcome you on our investment service. We hope you will enjoy our client friendly interface that we prepared. We are committed to a long term and mutually beneficial cooperation to give you an opportunity to gain expected profit.
Thank you for choosing us as your financial partner!
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# Program Latest Payout Payment Rates Votes/Comments
Panamatic Ltd.
Discussion(500) Scam Report(1) Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 200 USD
30 Sep,2014
ROI: 1579 %
min deposit: $10.00
120% After 1 Day, 180% After 3 Days, 330% After 6..
Users rating: 1760 votes
Welcome to the website of our investment fund, whose headquarter is located in beautiful United Kingdom. After many years of experience and observation of changes in the financial markets...
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 122 days)
Super FX
Discussion(33) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 300 USD
30 Sep,2014
ROI: 411 %
min deposit: 10 USD
120% After 1 Day / 175% After 3 Days . Good Profit.
Users rating: 306 votes
Welcome to SUPER FOREX BIZ As an individual investor or a business organization seeking for professional and reliable online investment opportunity then consider this visit to as your final search for true sustainable daily profitability. Super Forex Biz is a United Kingdom licensed company operated by a group of professional financial administrators with years of profound skills...
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 15 days)
Trading Alliance Limited
Discussion(26) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 200 USD
30 Sep,2014
ROI: 1282 %
min deposit: 10 USD
120% After 1 Day, 230% After 5 Days, 720% After 15
Users rating: 208 votes
Trading Alliance Limited holds to an opinion that every client needs a financial portfolio which matches their various risk appetite. Our company's specialists help its clients to understand financial markets for designing such a portfolio that attains the clients' desired aims. We are focuses on two main activities - asset management and financial services. The company's asset management servic...
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 183 days)
Eastoil International Ltd
Discussion(140) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 500 USD
30 Sep,2014
ROI: 120 %
min deposit: 25 USD
Up To 3,6% Daily for 70 Calendar Days
Users rating: 355 votes
EASTOIL LTD is an international investment company specializing in oil trading that involves purchasing securities of companies engaged in oil mining. Global competition for exhausting oil deposits has begun and private companies as well as governments are increasing spends on new equipment in order to get the last profits from oil trades as oil is going to be extinct within next fifty years or s...
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 12 days)
Nano Investments
Discussion(2509) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 1200 USD
30 Sep,2014
ROI: 111 %
min deposit: $20
9% daily or 40% weekly
Users rating: 2996 votes
Ranking points: 26874
NANO INDUSTRY INVESTMENTS INC LIMITED (NIIIL) is a legal investment company accredited in the United Kingdom. Please visit COMPANIES HOUSE official website and look up 08960704 registration number for the details. NIIIL is globally recognized by the most prestigious Mutual Fund and Investment nominations and prizes. The key to our success is brand new approach of investing in the most innovative industry segment. Join us to make the dreams of tomorrow the reality of everyday live. NIIIL - Proven to be best on market!
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 258 days)
Blue Sky Asset
Discussion Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 1500 USD
28 Sep,2014
ROI: 281 %
min deposit: 10 USD
15% Daily for 30 Days.
Users rating: 210 votes
Ranking points: 465
Blue Sky Asset has seen steady growth during past few years of offline operation specializing in various funds, gold, bond, stocks trading, mortgage loan and Forex. To enhance our capabilities , Blue Sky Asset ventured outward to pursue innovation through international partnership. With concerted hard work & efficient business skills, Today, Blue Sky Asset provide superior online services for everyone no matter individual or privates .
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 345 days)
Oceana Finance
Discussion(2) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 1500 USD
28 Sep,2014
ROI: 210 %
min deposit: 10 USD
18% Daily For 90 Days.
Users rating: 157 votes
Ranking points: 357
Oceana Finance is a leading investment and trading company specializing in domestic and international hedge funds, Forex, Stock, Bonds and Gold. Here at Oceana Finance we believe that our philosophy, "Strength through Performance", is the right way to meet our customer's expectations by providing our customers with a service that is high "performance” with a team of experienced investment advisors, skilled market analysts, professional traders and legal experts to work together to achieve success.
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 327 days)
Fontera Fund
Discussion(1) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 1800 USD
28 Sep,2014
ROI: 175 %
min deposit: 10 USD
15% Daily For 90 Days. 5% Referral Bonus.
Users rating: 196 votes
Ranking points: 352
Fontera Fund is an intercontinental investment company specializing in online trading and investment across global financial markets. We enable private investors and institutional clients to trade in Stocks, Forex, Bonds, Gold, Hedge Funds and Private equities. In addition, Fontera Fund offer specialized portfolio and fund management.
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 295 days)
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