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Thu, 21-Jul-2016
Angel Wealth
status: waiting
payouts: 10%-3%-1%
Oil Ltd
status: waiting
payouts: 104% IN 3 DAYS, 107% IN 5 DAYS, 110% IN 10 DAYS
Sun, 17-Jul-2016
Twenty Bitcoin
status: paying
payouts: Up to 20% daily forever. 2000% after 4 days
status: paying
payouts: 130% 350% 1100% 3000% 5000% 8000% 2000%
Fri, 15-Jul-2016
status: waiting
payouts: 120%-132% after 21-32 days
Tue, 12-Jul-2016
status: problem
payouts: 102.5% in 1 day 105% in 1 day 110% in 1 day
PureNRG Company
status: problem
payouts: 8% Daily For 15 Business Days
Mon, 11-Jul-2016
status: paying
payouts: 10.00% Daily for 15 days 15.00% Daily for 10 days
Sat, 09-Jul-2016
Treasury Corporation
status: paying
payouts: 132% After 1 Day, 182% After 2 Days, 10% hourly
Thu, 07-Jul-2016
status: paying
payouts: 1.08-22% hourly!
09 Jul,2016
News of Income Hub Limited
We are here to announce you that we have successfully completed our 150 Day online and Reached more than 15k accounts and More than 6 Millions Online Investment.We are very thankful to our clients who are really enjoyed with us.
04 Jul,2016
News of Unixcoin Foundation
Unixcoin is not Hyip, its a cryptocurrency similar like Bitcoin or Litecoin. You can earn unixcoin by doing mining with your desktop or laptop.Or you can also invest on Unixcoin foundation, which will earn you upto 2% per day.
02 Jul,2016
News of Christmas Income
We are near to our successful 200 days online. So we decided to celebrate this.
For celebrate this we have launch new plan 301% After 1 HOUR (1000% Guaranteed Profit INSTANT WITHDRAWAL) only for this weekend. Plan name is Weekend Offer 301% After 1 HOUR (1000% Guaranteed Profit INSTANT WITHDR...
25 Jun,2016
News of Yield Finance Limited
We are proud to announce that we have passed our successful 60 days in Online business.Our Goal is to provide the best service to our worldwide client and provide payments on timely.our company has been reached more than 10 Thousand clients from different countries.
25 Jun,2016
News of Mega Traders Online
MEGATRADERS has been making its clients happy for 50 days now. The project has been launched on April 30, 2016, and is running steady, allowing its participants to gain profits. The 50-day milestone has been reached, and the company continues to expand. Now letís discuss the changes that are availa...
Premium HYIPs
# Program Latest Payout Payment Rates Votes/Comments
Forex Paradise
Discussion(2175) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 2200 USD
22 Jul,2016
ROI: 766 %
min deposit: 25 USD
0.9 daily for 15 business days
Users rating: 5037 votes
Ranking points: 52409
We are pleased to welcome you on our investment fund website that is managed by FOREX PARADISE INVESTMENTS ONLINE LIMITED. We offer a full range of investment products. Our offer is for both the individual clients and for the institution. Our services are held at the highest level. Thanks to our investment fund, you can manage your investments online. This is the preferred solution, as it does not lose unnecessary time. We accept the most popular payment method, and investing with us you can start from $ 25 We accept investors from all over the world.
Withdrawal: Instant (listed for 894 days)
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Status: paying
Our investment: 1000 USD
20 Jul,2016
ROI: 1643 %
min deposit: 10 USD
2% Daily For 90 Calendar Days
Users rating: 740 votes
Ranking points: 2683
Power Supplies & Equipment Limited is a British multinational corporation headquartered in London that was founded on January 2008 and rapidly became one of the major leaders in the wholesale electricity market by boasting professional traders and a highly experienced engineering team with well-diversified areas of expertise to allow for participation in the business market within a safe and non-risk investment environment.
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 194 days)
Discussion(8) Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 700 USD
15 Jul,2016
ROI: 330 %
min deposit: 50 USD
3% weekly for 1000 days - INSTANT WITHDRAWAL!
Users rating: 13 votes
Ranking points: 1010 is a professionally managed group of skilful traders. Our primary job is to help our members profit. We are professionals and we have developed a system that will allow you to profit handsomely. It includes defined risk and suggested money management which are both required for consistent profits and capital preservation. Currency markets are highly speculative and volatile in nature. Any currency can become very expensive or very cheap in relation to any or all other currencies in a matter of days, hours or sometimes minutes. This exact volatile nature of the currencies is what attracts an investor to trade and invest in the currency market. Investing your money in a fixed deposit account of a bank is relatively safer. Each investor should examine their allowable risk and keep it within a reasonable amount he or she can easily afford to lose.
Withdrawal: Manual (listed for 540 days)
Unity Petroleum
Discussion Scam Report Vote now!

Status: paying
Our investment: 200 USD
22 Jul,2016
ROI: 134 %
min deposit: 10 USD
1.1%-1.3% daily for 100 days
Users rating: 7 votes
Ranking points: 37
Unity Petroleum is an experienced oil and natural gas production company. Since 1976, we have drilled and participated in the drilling of over 500 wells in Texas and Louisiana. Our highest priority is to create long-term profitability, growth and sustainable development for our oil and gas partners. When using the oil and gas inspection technology, we continue to seek and implement the necessary initiatives which are vital in helping us to meet and exceed our goals
Withdrawal: Instant (listed for 361 days)
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