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Wed, 18-Sep-2019
status: waiting
payouts: 7% hourly for 96 hours 15% daily for 20 days
Sun, 15-Sep-2019
status: paying
payouts: 2.5% daily for 120 days, 4-7% daily for 70-25 days
status: waiting
payouts: 0.1% - 1.5% daily, initial investment back anytime!
Sat, 14-Sep-2019
status: paying
payouts: 3% Daily 5% Daily 8% Daily All for 60 days
Fri, 13-Sep-2019
status: paying
payouts: 115% after 1 day,185% after 3 days,465% after 7 day
Thu, 12-Sep-2019
Crypto Trust
status: paying
payouts: 1% daily for 100 days + return principal
Wed, 11-Sep-2019
status: paying
payouts: 1%weekly for 120 days
Tue, 10-Sep-2019
status: paying
payouts: 10% Daily For 100 Days 200% After 2 Days 500% After
status: problem
payouts: 10%-15%-20%-30% Hourly for 12 Hours
Mon, 09-Sep-2019
status: problem
payouts: 140% after 1 day VIP 1000% after 5 days
17 Sep,2019
News of Cryptex Trade
Good day our dear investors!

We have some outstanding news for all our investors!

For the past week we have received a lot of inquiries for becoming official agent of trading company Cryptex Trade Ltd. Our official representatives list getting wider each week! There is a lot o...
12 Sep,2019
News of Wssavior
Hello Dear Clients and Guests,
We have exciting news for you. Wssavior – on guard of your prosperity is proud to announce that we are going to hold our next referral contest to make autumn more hot. All Wssavior’s members are welcome to participate in the contest.
11 Sep,2019
News of Cryptex Trade
Good day our dear investors!

We would like to announce that our company preparing a new investment insurance for our most stable and reliable company on the trading market - Cryptex Trade Ltd.
Our company management will conclude an agreement about additional insurance for £30,000,...
05 Sep,2019
News of Cryptex Trade
Good day our dear investors!

Today our most famous company on the cryptocurrency trading market celebrating 10 months since the doors of our company were opened for investors around the globe!
For this long period of time our company have achieved high results on the cryptocurrency ...
04 Sep,2019
News of Money Analysis LTD
Already was added in most of famous monitoring sites!
BitWealth Company status:paying
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20 Sep,2019
Votes: 10
Trust: 10
Join Date: Mar 2019
Posted from IP: {} Malaysia

They are the best. will deposit more 2000$ soon. thanks admin.
Report Bad Post  #803872  
11 Aug,2019
Votes: 24
Trust: -24
Join Date: Jun 2019
Posted from IP: {} United States
Report Bad Post  #803553  
06 Aug,2019
Votes: 107
Trust: 103
Join Date: Aug 2019
Posted from IP: {} Canada

Instant Mining Limited
Report Bad Post  #802635  
24 Jul,2019
Votes: 130
Trust: 130
Join Date: Jul 2019
Posted from IP: {} -

0.00563412 BTC
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21 Jul,2019
Votes: 253
Trust: 253
Join Date: Sep 2013
Posted from IP: {} Puerto Rico

Report Bad Post  #797843  
06 Jun,2019
Votes: 1
Join Date: Nov 2018
Posted from IP: {} United States

invested $600, wqhen the 90 days was over, they did not send me the "check" as promised then said I needed to deposit another $600 to withdrawal my money typical scam artists at work. feel free to contact me ill send you the screenshots of the emails for proof. notified British authorities
Report Bad Post  #797611  
02 Jun,2019
Votes: 4
Trust: 4
Join Date: Apr 2019
Posted from IP: {} Canada

When you choose an investment plan, then the admin changes it for one of the worst ones and you cant get to your funds for 365 days or most probably never.
Report Bad Post  #795221  
29 Apr,2019
Votes: 907
Trust: 899
Join Date: Sep 2018
Posted from IP: {} Germany

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