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1. ★★★ EU5.COM ★★★
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Thu,27 BITC1
Thu,27 Cryptoconomist
Thu,27 Nano Investments
Thu,27 Eurostar Bank
Thu,27 ForexShare
Thu,27 Earn2You
Thu,27 Quality Millions
Thu,27 Quality Millions
Thu,27 Eurostar Bank
Thu,27 II-I
Thu, 27-Nov-2014
COMEX Brokerage Ltd.
status: waiting
payouts: Up to 2.2% per day
Icon Invest
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payouts: 5% Daily for 365 Days.
Top Financial Strategy
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payouts: 115% after 1 day,50% daily for 3 days,200% after 5,
Tue, 25-Nov-2014
Forex Dollar Maker
status: waiting
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Zaiva Forex
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payouts: 130% -5000% After 1 -60 Days,
Mon, 24-Nov-2014
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payouts: 125% After 1Day, 3.5% Daily for 15Days
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payouts: 1.5 hourly for 100 hours
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Quality Millions
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25 Nov,2014
News of Fi Finances LTD.
Dear investors!
Our company is glad to inform you that today we are celebrating exactly 79 days since we opened. During this time, a significant number of investors has joined us. This means that our work makes our partners trust in us.
19 Nov,2014
News of FE-International Ltd
We are UK based company whose ultimate goal is to provide access to long-term profitable avenues for our clients who by investing with us can work their way to good financial profits at minimal risks. Our interested areas of focus are information technology research projects, educational-based ventures and the forex market.Contact
FE-International Ltd100 North NadeColon
Wharf Canary
United Kingdom
19 Nov,2014
News of Fi Finances LTD.
We celebrate 80 days, more and more investors all over the world join our FI FINANCES LTD. company because they know that they can trust us exactly and we exceeds all investors expectations! Many investors are so grateful to us so they send us their happy pictures in their new houses so we could share happiness with them
17 Nov,2014
News of One Stability
Hello, I'm Richard Altman, CEO of One Stability. Today I'd like to talk about charity - helping each other. In our day and age, there are so much negativity, cruelty and violence around us.
17 Nov,2014
News of Eastoil International Ltd
Today we just want to let you know the latest news of our investment company. The number of investors in EASTOIL LTD is more than 23 thousand at the moment, after two months since start of project.
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30 May,2012
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Join Date: May 2012
Posted from IP: {} Europe

paying, good program
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01 Apr,2012
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Join Date: Mar 2012
Posted from IP: {} Indonesia

join investments ranging from $ 1 and get 110% profit every 1 hour try it and see I have proved, and proved PAY : D
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17 Feb,2012
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Posted from IP: {} Nigeria

i think in the best hyip for now.i always get back everyday.
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10 Jan,2012
Votes: 1
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posted from IP: {} United States

I have received money from this best project!
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15 Dec,2011
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Join Date: Dec 2011
Posted from IP: {} Malaysia

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13 Nov,2011
Votes: 1
Join Date: Sep 2011
Posted from IP: {} Italy

I have been paid by this program!
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13 Sep,2011
Votes: 8
Trust: 8
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posted from IP: {} Singapore

Was worried since they have made some major changes to their investment plans without giving any news. But my money was withdrawn as per normal.
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30 Aug,2011
Votes: 44
Trust: -42
Join Date: Apr 2010
Posted from IP: {} United States

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27 Aug,2011
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Trust: 8
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posted from IP: {} Singapore

Have already completed 6 cycles with Permanent Profit Inc. Payouts are stable and timely too. Recommended.
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