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Interview with PanaMoney

Posted 12-05-2008 at 08:21 AM by HYIPexplorer

Hello. What's your name and position in the program?
Hello, I'm Allen Flank, head of Marketing department at PanaMoney Technologies, Inc., a Panamanian company offering managed Forex accounts to trade in the currencies exchange market.

How many people are managing the program and can we know their names and their positions?
PanaMoney employs 23 people, all working in different spheres to support our business. I can name some people from our management team:
Fernando Montero - Director and President;
Manuel Franz - Head of Technical Department;
Antonio Rodriguez - Finance Department;
Nancy Hyman - Head of Customer Support;
I, Allen Flank, Marketing.

Could you confirm when your program officially started?
Our company was incorporated in spring 2008 and we became officially available in June. Since that time, any client got the opportunity to open managed Forex accounts with PanaMoney

Are you a registered company? Where are you based? Do you have a real office? Can investors have a look at company legal documents?
Yes, we are a legal registered company incorporated and located in Panama. You can find our contact details and download our documents of incorporation and business license from Contact Us page on our website (PanaMoney - Managed Forex Trading. The Next Stage in Forex Trading.).

Please tell us more about your investment activities. Are the returns fully backed up by your investments?
Our business is managed Forex trading. We maintain our client's managed accounts and support our automated Forex trading system to show the best performance and good benefits in favor of our clients and our company. Moreover, our trading outcomes made it possible to establish a Safety Fund to cover possible trading losses. The Fund is formed from our trading profits that exceed the maximum daily interest stipulated by our plans (2.8%). So each time the trading profit for the currency pair goes above 2.8%, the Fund has a significant increase. When the investment period matures, the principal goes back to the Current Account and can be withdrawn or reinvested.

Have you any earning reports available to view?
Yes, along with our trading sessions our clients can watch real time on Live Trade page, we provide our historical performance statistics in Trading History, where they can find daily profits for all currency pairs we trade with.

What payment processors do you accept? Why did you choose these payment processors and do you plan to add more payment options in the near future?
We accept Liberty Reserve, v-money and bank transfers. The minimum to deposit via bank transfer is $5000. Most our clients use Liberty Reserve and bank transfers that is why we stick to those, but we are now looking towards adding some new popular payment processor.

What steps have been taken to secure members funds? (website security and your investment risk)
We use low risk trading strategies and in order to keep our clients' investments safe we have established the Safety Fund to protect the investment from possible trading losses. As for our web-site security, we use effective DDoS-protection able to mitigate any volume of DDoS attack; our web-site is SSL-protected and hacker-proof as well. Our clients can use SRK keyboard to prevent keylogging their password when logging into PanaMoney account.

What advertising strategy do you use to make 'PanaMoney' known among online investors?
We target at Internet environment to promote and advertise our business. We care a lot about the quality of Internet resources we advertise at. We also pay big attention to investors' Internet community whose opinion can greatly influence the decision our potential investors make. In addition, we have implemented a referral program bringing extra 5% referral commission from every referred client's investment or reinvestment.

How large is 'PanaMoney' current capital? Have you established a reserve fund?
I've mentioned the Safety Fund that allows us guarantee no trading loss to our clients. We don't disclose any our company's or our clients' financial information. Confidentiality is the part of our company's policies. Besides, our capital grows every trading day we have profit, because the Safety Fund is formed from the trading profits that exceed the profits accrued to the clients' accounts.

Are you planning to close your program for new investors at any time?
First of all, it is not in our best commercial interest. Because the more investors we have and the more we trade, the greater our company's profits are. Moreover, we have legal obligations and cannot just dissolve as a company. Our future plans include not ceasing our activity, but on the contrary to develop and expand our services.

What plans do you have for the future of your program?
I have mentioned the plans to add new payment processor, probably issuing a debit card. To better support our clients we would like to create a Call Center along with the existing live chat and e-mail contact options.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
PanaMoney provides a new level of managed Forex trading due to its transparency and guarantees. Besides, our company is for serious and long-term investors. The profits depend on our company's trading results as well as investors' own decisions and strategies they use in investing. They include the selection of a currency pair, investing in portions or combining investments. On one hand, we make Forex trading easy, because we manage our client's accounts, make Forex orders and cover the losses; on the other hand, our clients can develop their own strategy within their managed Forex account to make above average profits.
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    I'm interested to join and start my investments.. but I would prefer to use my verified AlertPay acc for payment.

    it would be more great of PanaMoney HYIP if you can add AlertPay to the list of funding methods.

    Posted 08-25-2009 at 07:17 AM by Sam911 Sam911 is offline
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    make sure everything is getting hadia respectively do not forget to visit again yes, who often joined the sure winner
    Posted 08-14-2012 at 11:23 AM by jonsonhp jonsonhp is offline
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