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Fri, 21-Nov-2014
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FE-International Ltd
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Mon, 17-Nov-2014
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Hour After Hour
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Thu, 13-Nov-2014
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22 Nov,2014
News of One Stability
Dear Clients,
OneStability team would like to thank you for your support and dedication right through this period. Our marketing team is very diligent in tracking all media related OneStability's activities, and so we know quite well those of you who worthily gave us the needed support. The most active investors who post payment proofs and vote for us on a daily basis will be duly rewarded.

You are all special in one way or another; with that, you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to achieve. Do what you love and believe in. Work hard and be persistent at it, and you'll be bound to succeed.

We want to ensure that every client feels comfortable using our website and services, and as such, we've added a voting poll in the client area which has proven successful so far. We value your opinion - it helps us to steer our program in the right direction, and that is to meet our customers' needs.

Based on the answer you gave, we came to the following conclusions:

According to our Retail's Plan poll, a lot of investors are satisfied with this plan and ask that we continue with it. Some however, think differently. Despite your response, we want to assure you that this plan is under complete monitoring and will not cause any negative outcomes. We've taken the initiative to decrease our maximum amount for Retail Plan to $1,000 in order to avoid any stress in December, since STABILITY is our number ONE priority.

Video testimonials, office photos and call-back requests will be added by next week. In accordance with our website design, 70% voted towards it while 30% think we need to change the design. As always, we value your opinion and will do our best to meet your needs. We actually started the review of it and will make changes to make it more modern to go with everyone's desire. As soon as those actions are completed, you'll be notified with the results. We hope to have it completed by January or a little before the year ends.

There are also few persons who voted for the help desk option. We think it's not a necessity at this time since we already have excellent live chat and phone support system available during working hours.

Moving on to our video testimonial competition:

The video competition has already started and will be continuing on for the next two weeks. A reward of $20-50 will be given for the best video testimonial and it will be published on our website as well. Here are the terms:

1. Feel free to express your gratitude in your native language or fluent english
2. Creativity is welcome
3. High quality video - at least 360p resolution
4. An environment with accurate and excellent view
5. Your speech should be clear, precise and easy to understand
6. The video must not be shorter than 30 seconds, or longer than 3 minutes.

- Call-back request option will be added to your client area. Please note that we will only provide this request option if your question is not mentioned in our <a href="">FAQ</a> page or if you have difficulty contacting us by phone.

- Our post for regional representatives is still open. If you have the zeal to work with us and are responsible enough to take on the challenges of being one of our representatives, feel free to apply <a href="">here</a>. The possible earnings are 8% referral commission, plus additional bonuses. In order to apply, please submit your curriculum vitae to <a href=""></a>. Once we receive your application, we will arrange to have an interview with you through live chat. As always, our selection process is very strict - only the best of the best will be chosen.

- For our recently launched <a href="">charity program</a>, we've so far received positive results and our first donation as well. Many thanks to Mr. Siby Xavier who made a donation of $100 to World Vision India, together with One Stability. You can check the official response from this organization <a href="">here</a>.

- We would also like to highlight our new monthly advertising campaign on premium monitors and blogs which have been started a week ago and will be renewed again in mid-December.

To end this newsletter issue, we are simply asking that you stay with us for many more months' of money making - we'll continue to work, and make stable profits for our clients. Stay with the best - stay with One Stability!

One Stability Team
20 Nov,2014
News of Income Star
30 Days Online with Glory!!!
75% daily 2 Days,130% After 1 Day 200% After 3 Days
19 Nov,2014
News of FE-International Ltd
We are UK based company whose ultimate goal is to provide access to long-term profitable avenues for our clients who by investing with us can work their way to good financial profits at minimal risks. Our interested areas of focus are information technology research projects, educational-based ventures and the forex market.Contact
FE-International Ltd100 North NadeColon
Wharf Canary
United Kingdom
19 Nov,2014
News of Fi Finances LTD.
We celebrate 80 days, more and more investors all over the world join our FI FINANCES LTD. company because they know that they can trust us exactly and we exceeds all investors expectations! Many investors are so grateful to us so they send us their happy pictures in their new houses so we could share happiness with them
17 Nov,2014
News of One Stability
Hello, I'm Richard Altman, CEO of One Stability. Today I'd like to talk about charity - helping each other. In our day and age, there are so much negativity, cruelty and violence around us.
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